• About The Project

    Were you an adult when your father left your mother? Are you a father who left your wife when your child was an adult? Are you a mother who was left by your husband when your child was an adult?

    I’m a family therapist and author who is studying how relationships between adult children and their fathers change when fathers leave mothers. Often the connection between the father and adult child becomes turbulent or even estranged, particularly when the husband left his wife for another woman.


    This can cause a lot of hurt and can have huge ramifications for all family members involved. It’s a very complicated situation and I need your help to understand what this change in your relationship has meant to you.


    By hearing from you and others on all sides of this situation, I’m hoping to provide a deeper understanding of how family relationships are impacted by dads leaving moms and suggest ways in which the people affected can heal the anger or hurt.


    It would be great if you could invite the others in your family (adult child, father or mother) to also submit a survey. I’d like to get responses from more than one person in the family, but, of course, if that’s not comfortable or possible, it’s certainly not required. If you would like another family member to be invited to participate, just send me his/her email and I'll forward the appropriate survey.


    I greatly appreciate your participation in this study. This is a very important part of so many people’s lives. Your responses will help a lot!


    Warm regards,

    Vikki Stark, Psychotherapist

  • Surveys


    For Children Who Were Adults When Dad Left Mom


    For Dads Who Left Moms When Children Were Adults


    For Moms Who Were Left When Children Were Adults

  • FAQ

    Will my responses be confidential?

    Yes - I am not going to ask for your full name but will need your email address to keep you informed on the results of the study. If I use any story that you contribute to illustrate your situation, any identifying information will be changed.

    Is there any time limit in terms of how recent the separation needs to be?

    No - it can be very recent or years past.

    The father in this family was not the biological father of the adult child. May I still submit a survey?

    Yes - as long as he fulfilled the role of father in the family prior to the separation.

    The parents in my situation are not divorced, only separated. Should I still complete the survey?

    Yes - as long as the parents are living separately (even if in the same house), please do complete the survey.

    What will the survey results be used for?

    I’m planning to write a book based on the findings and may also write articles and blog posts.

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    Let me know if you have any questions.